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Annabelle Candy Company Enhances Business Processes With SYSPRO
Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Annabelle Candy Company began operations some 62 years ago when a Russian immigrant began making candy bars in his San Francisco kitchen and selling them outside local movie theatres. Today, the company, named for the immigrant’s daughter, Annabelle, operates in the San Francisco East Bay City of Hayward, California. It produces such brands as Rocky Road, Abba Zaba and Big Hunk and is set to expand its distribution activities from the West Coast to all of the US.

The Challenge
In order to facilitate growth and comply with FDA rules, the company needed to computerize and automate inventory tracking as well as accounting operations, which were being performed manually. After an extensive search, the company selected SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning software.

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Mid-State Lumber Improves Real-time Data with DMSi
Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Mid-State Lumber is a family-owned business in Branchburg, NJ that has grown significantly since its founding in 1976, adding multiple locations and expanding into new territories.

DMSi's Agility has proven to be a good fit for Mid-State Lumber. The industry-specific functionality is an asset for the company. “I have worked in every department in the company, and I find that Agility is helpful in every area,” said Maria Hall, Mid-State Lumber’s primary system manager. “Anything that you want to do from quoting, to automated processing, to reporting, to viewers…you name it. Agility does it all. I love the system."

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Industry News

CPA Academy and Henry Struckel present Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software 101: Back to Basics
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tuesday, November 19, 2019: 10:00 AM CST

This FREE webinar will help you learn the Basics of ERP Software, compare Cloud vs. On-Premise ERP Solutions, identify key Vendors in the ERP industry, explore ERP Implementation, and ERP Contract Reviews.

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Jeff Gusdorf and Epicor Will Present "It's a Good Time to be in the Cloud Webinar"
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

This FREE webinar on May 22, 2 p.m. EST sponsored by Epicor will explain what you should consider before moving your data to the cloud.

While ERP software in the cloud has been around for more than a decade, adoption rates are increasing for distributors. This is largely driven by the need to provide exceptional customer service to remain competitive. This webinar will discuss the changing landscape and suggest things you should think about before moving to the cloud.

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  ERP Software 101:Back to Basics ERP Software 101: Back to Basics

ERP software is designed to help companies manage the key components of their business - from sales and marketing to planning and production to inventory and finance - in one seamless experience. Real-time visibility into the business is perhaps the greatest benefit of ERP. When implemented properly, the right ERP system can provide business clarity, flexibility and operational agility. Do you know how to determine which ERP system is the best fit for your organization? 

Brown Smith Wallace Advisory Manager Henry Struckel and Taft Law Firm Partner Marcus Harris hosted a webinar, "ERP Software 101: Back to Basics." Henry and Marcus examined what ERP software is and the importance of an effective ERP system for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. See Recorded Presentation at...


  9 Reasons to Retire Your "Homegrown" ERP Software Solution Before It's Too Late 9 Reasons to Retire Your "Homegrown" ERP Software Solution Before It's Too Late
  Why should a distributor consider an outside ERP over their homegrown system? This new white paper discusses a number of reasons, ranging from data and systems architecture limitations to cost and integration issues. Learn more...
9 Reasons to Retire Your "Homegrown" ERP Software Solution Before It's Too Late

  11 Criteria for Selecting The Best ERP System Replacement 11 Criteria for Selecting The Best ERP System Replacement
An ERP system is your information backbone and reaches into all areas of your business and value-chain. Replacing it can open unlimited business opportunities. Here are the 11 criteria that allow you to identify and select the solution that will meet these expectations. Learn more... 11 Criteria for Selecting The Best ERP System Replacement