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Simplify Everything by Steve Epner

Request Steve Epner's 9th book, Simplify Everything, a book of innovative ideas to improve workplace effectiveness

Simplify Everything outlines a surefire process to spark innovation and effectiveness, transitioning employees from do-do to done-done. Epner explains how setting one primary goal, asking two essential questions and implementing three established principles, organizations can improve outcomes, engage employees and provide better daily experiences. It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3. 

“In today’s workplace, busywork abounds,” said Epner. “In Simplify Everything, I provide a proven process that helps transition the workplace mentality. I show organizations how to finish something, get results and move forward. With simple changes, it is amazing how much can be accomplished!”

Epner has over 40 years of experience helping clients integrate strategic business planning with information systems and tactical requirements. He has a unique ability to make complex concepts understandable for busy executives.

A certified speaking professional and member of the National Speakers Association, Epner has made over four hundred professional presentations, and published over one thousand articles. He is a faculty member at Saint Louis University in the Graduate School of Business and the Center for Supply Chain Management Studies. He also teaches innovation in the undergraduate business school at Webster University.

Simplify Everything helps organizations of all types eliminate busywork, and get things done. Purchase your copy today, if you have questions or issues contact Sara Nelson at snelson@bswllc.com.

Request Steve Epner's 9th book, Simplify Everything

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