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Business Process Improvement

Whether your company is experiencing a growth spurt or facing more competition in the marketplace, there are many reasons to reevaluate your company’s business processes. Business process improvement helps organizations redesign their existing business processes to improve efficiency and flexibility. Our approach to process improvement and technology implementation addresses your organization’s needs and the scope of resources required to bring the greatest value to your organization.

As your independent partner, we provide objectivity in assessing your current processes, we identify and prioritize opportunities for process improvement, and we design and implement business process improvement solutions. We provide performance management services by utilizing a combination of tools and best practices from Lean Six Sigma. Read more about our business process improvement services below and learn more about our general approach to these services.

Business Process Improvement Services – We work alongside your company from the definition stage – to better understand what your customers’ value and how your company is currently meeting those needs – to the final change management stage – where we deal with any roadblocks encountered in implementing your new business process. Click here to learn more about our business process improvement services.

Process Mapping Services – Business process mapping is a procedure for identifying the steps in a process and creating a visual flow chart. These maps can be used to:

  • Document existing processes, including people and technology steps
  • Provide valuable insights about the process that will help the team improve it
  • Help identify and define the requirements for automation

Procure-to-Pay Services – We review your company’s procure-to-pay process (requisition to reporting) and compare it to leading practices, enabling us to recommend opportunities to achieve optimal performance. We’ll then work with you to design a procure-to-pay process that works best with your organization, while identifying and coordinating selection of technology and outsourcing opportunities.

To learn more: read our Business Process Improvement Services paper, Connect the Dots to Create Value, Value Stream Mapping, A Recipe for Success, or contact us through the form below to see how we can help your business.