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STAFDA November 2014 Charlotte Presentation

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Content to Download Includes:
* Jeff Gusdorf's, from Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group, November 2014 STAFDA Presentation in Charlotte, titled Cloud, Mobile and ERP Convergence.

* NetSuite, A Survey of E-Commerce Objectives and Challenges Facing Wholesale Distribution Companies, titled The State of E-Commerce in Distribution in 2014.

* Forrester, A Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By Hybris, titled Online And Mobile Are Transforming B2B Commerce: Firms That Act Now Will Gain Appreciably, Companies That Don't Will Fall Farther Behind.

* Forrester, A Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By IBM, titled Systems Of Engagement Demand New Integration Solutions — And A New IT: IT’s New Opportunity For Business Relevance Lies In “The Age Of The Customer”.