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Software Selection: Consulting

You may want to consider seeking assistance from an outsider who has experience conducting selection engagements, expertise in the functionality of the software, and is objective and financially independent from all solutions.

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Brown Smith Wallace Software Selection service is specially designed to help businesses navigate through this complex decision using an approach that has been successfully used at your peer companies. In particular,
  • Brown Smith Wallace consultants will leverage their extensive knowledge of software companies and applications developed over almost 29 years of publishing the Distribution Software Guide which is distributed to over 64,000 readers that are members of 37 trade associations, buying groups and education programs.

  • We will utilize our library of standard industry practices to help you define a set of functional requirements that satisfy your business and information technology goals.

  • We will work with your team to assemble a list of software solutions to be considered using our proprietary knowledgebase of vendor vertical markets, and installed user base.

  • Your project team will represent different constituencies within your organization and they will actively participate in the requirements development, software demonstrations planning and analysis. We will assist your team in reaching a consensus on the best solution for your company.

  • We will tailor our approach to meet your needs and budget - from serving as a project advisor to performing a complete selection analysis.

  • There is more to software selection than selecting software. We can help you build a stakeholder value analysis that provides the financial justification for the purchase and the detailed operational case that becomes part of your implementation plan.

  • We don't sell software, hardware or implementation services. We don't refer business to any group of vendors. Our independence and objectivity ensures that we will lead your to reach an unbiased decision.
At the end of a Brown Smith Wallace Software Selection project, you'll be confident that your team has considered the right solutions, has conducted an in-depth analysis of the solutions that best fit your business, that the solution you have selected will satisfy your critical requirements and that your project team is invested in the successful implementation of the software. What's more, the business process analysis conducted during the package selection effort will jump start the implementation planning for a more efficient implementation effort.

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