Distribution and Manufacturing Software Guides

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Software Selection: Foundation

Project Sponsorship
Most of the tasks defined in the software selection process can be - and should be - delegated to middle management and staff personnel. Members of top management should retain control of the overall project, but from a high level perspective. Success requires that one person be ultimately responsible for the project. READ MORE

Document Goals
A necessary task to insure a profitable and well run organization is to identify your corporate goals. Then, management can define the actions and procedures required to reach these goals. They become a filter through which new ideas, methods or opportunities can be passed to evaluate their applicability to the firm and the future. READ MORE

Document Constraints
In the real world, there are always constraints that must be applied to any decision making process. While we may want to ignore these early in the process (it allows our thinking to be more open and presents many more opportunities for improving our competitive position), in the end, we must consider reality prior to making the final decision. READ MORE

Create Teams
Properly completed, the work associated with selecting a business software system will have many benefits to the enterprise. This is regardless of the size of the organization. The following discussion will mean different things to different size operations. For smaller companies, it will seem like overkill to even have more than one group that does everything. Use your judgment and fit the needs to your size organization and understand the concepts involved. This will enable you to lead your organization to a successful selection and implementation. READ MORE

Create Project Plan
The Steering Committee and the Project Manager (PM) kick off the planning process. The Project Manager begins by reviewing all possible tasks and recommending to the Steering Committee those that are appropriate for the organization. The PM must consider the constraints of time, money and resources available. READ MORE